N2 Road Route

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  • Road
  • Guided or Self-Guided
  • Advanced
  • Challenge
  • Road Cycling
  • 8 days
  • aprox. 100 Km / 62,14 Miles
  • Yes
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  • The biggest road of Europe and the world's 3rd biggest known as the portugese route 66 
  • From north to south across Portugal with beautifull typical portuguese villages in between.
  • Outstanding diversity of landscapes and touristic POI's
  • Reduced traffic along most of the route


Known as the portuguese "Route 66" the N2 road is the biggest road of Europe and the world's 3rd biggest and it becomes an international touristic route due to it's history and cultural value. It's the only road to cross the entire country from north to south. It has more than 70 years old and it was in the past called the Royal Road. 738kms is the distance to cover from Chaves in the north of Portugal to Faro in the south of the Algarve region. This route offers an outstanding divesity of landscapes, including the douro valley vines, the long gold plains from Alentejo to the beaches in the warm Algarve. 


Day 1 - Arrival in Portugal and Transfer to Chaves.
You can choose to fly to the international airports of Faro, Lisbon or Porto. We recommend you to fly to Porto. Bikesul crew will be waiting for you at the airport you choose and trasfer you to Chaves, less than 2h away from Porto. 
Once installed at the hotel there will be a general briefing and it will be delevery all the necessary documentation and the participant kit. Depending on the arrival time it could be done a warm up ride to test the bikes and get used to the portuguese roads.

Day 2 - Tras os Montes region and the Douro river - Chaves / Castro Daire - 130kms
In the first stage / cycling day you will ride the region of Tras - Os - Montes untill you get to Peso da Régua by the Douro river. Get yourself enchanted with the magnificent douro valleys covered with vineyards that produced the famous Douro and Porto wine.

Day 3 - Viseu and the Chist villages - Castro Daire / Penacova - 130kms
The cross of the Viseu council mark this day. The beauty of the city of Viseu will possibly make you slow down to enjoy it. With the city already behind you it's time to ride along Mondego river and pass by some of the famous and typical villages of this region, the chist villages where houses are built with chist. 

Day 4 - From Mondego to Tejo River - Penacova / Abrantes - 140kms
This will be a hard stage in the center of Portugal with constant up & down terrain. Just after the village of Vila de Rei that the course will be easier in constant descent as you enter in the Lezírias of the Ribatejo and get closer to the Tejo river.

Day 5 - The Lezírias from Ribatejo - Abrantes / Montemor - 124kms
The change of the landscape and the terrain is clearly noticeable as you ride south. The mountains, and valleys stayed behind and it's now time to ride flat along long plains and large farm fields. In this day one of the hotspots is the section along the Montargil Lake. This day ends in the Alentejo region, in a village with ancient history.

Day 6 - The Alentejo region  - Montemor / Almodôvar - 144kms
In this day you will cross the Alentejo passing by some of most characteristic and genuine villages that perfectly represents the habits, customs, people and their traditions of this land. The course is pratically flat although in hot or windy days this stage can be harder than expected.

Day 7 - And finally the Algarve and the beach! - Almodôvar / Faro - 80kms
The last stage will be shorter although you still have to face the outstanding Caldeirao mountain range. It makes the board between the regions of Alentejo and Algarve. The course is winding with more than 300 bends that will entertain as you ride toward the end of this journey. The grand finale will be emotional as you arrive at the beach of Faro in the southest point of Portugal.

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