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Holidays Packages

Picture yourself riding along amazing scenic roads or trails, filled with stories to tell, not having to worry about your luggage, which awaits you at destination. At BikeSul, we'll arrange everything so you can focus solely on what you really love - cycling!
If you prefer an active holiday, exploring new places, riding along interesting paths and trails, not having to worry about logistics, BikeSul has at your disposal several holiday packages, carefully prepared by professionals.

A Tour with Friends
There are many options, even in a region which is small, but very diverse! From the fresh mountain air to the Atlantic coast's deep blue, across the plains of Alentejo or the typical Algarve inland. 4, 6 or 8-day packs, developed by cyclists for cyclists, in which adventure, discovery, relaxation, good food and fun are key. But we are flexible and keen to surprise you, and we can customise any tour.
Away from the crowds, with a select group, come and live out an unforgettable experience!

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Daily Tours

We have a huge choice of daily tours. Pick the one you find the most attractive, according to your interests and physical condition, and enjoy an exhilarating experience. From sunset tours to rides to exotic places only our guides know, only reachable on foot or by bike, BikeSul offers tours on specific days and times, but also a range of options you can book according to your availability.

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