Zero High5 Pink Grapefruit

Code: 6900103

Available in a tube of 20 lozenges, the HIGH5 Zero Caffeine Hit anti-cramp drink contains the main electrolytes for a refreshing, calorie-free drink.
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During your exercise, just put a tablet in the can or break it to adapt the dose.

With a natural grapefruit flavor and without any dyes or preservatives, the drink gives you an intake of Potassium, Sodium, Calcium and Vitamin C to cleanse your immune system, protect your cells against oxidation and compensate for losses. Magnesium, in turn, contributes to electrolyte balance and reduces fatigue, while supporting the synthesis of muscle proteins. Also containing 75 mg of caffeine (the same amount that we find in a cup of coffee), the drink helps to maintain all your concentration and alertness during the race.

1 dose = 1 tablet, maximum of 3 doses per day;


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