Box Isotonic Power Gel Orange - 6GEL

Code: NM981001

Isotonic energy gel with different dextrose equivalent maltodextrins (D.E.6-D.E.19) and Cluster Dextrin® highly branched cyclic dextrins. 
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-When playing any sport for more than 45 minutes, it is necessary to restore carbohydrate levels to maintain high intensity and ensure the correct level of hydration. Physiologically, an Isotonic Power Gel is recommended approximately every 30 minutes to prevent muscle glycogen levels from falling below the performance limit. It is important to know that the energy provided by sugars will be released a few minutes after ingestion (7-10), while the other carbohydrates will release it gradually. This will prevent very significant fluctuations in energy and will also reduce the risk of excessively high or frequent insulin spikes, for the benefit of our sporting performance and our long-term health.
-Isotonics are quickly absorbed by the intestine and the body, ensuring greater energy replacement and more effective rehydration, especially during intense and prolonged physical activities at high temperatures. Hypotonic supplements are ideal for better and faster rehydration, thus lessening the feeling of thirst.


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