Trainer Elite Direto XR

Code: 620171010

Ideal to achieve the highest level of performance and train at home in a concentrated way.
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- Interactive direct streaming
- OTS potentiometer. Accuracy +/- 1.5%
- Slope simulation up to 24%
- Compatible with Rizer / Interactive Slope Simulator
- Includes Shimano105 11V cassette, 1 month of Zwift and wheel lock.
- Assembly of the 'Plug & Play' box
- My E-Training Mobile & Desktop 12 months free
- Compatible with QR cubes 130-135x5mm and through shaft 142x12mm
-It guarantees full compatibility with road and MTB bikes, making it one of the most compatible trainers on the market. It has a new structure that is perfect for accommodating diverters with long housings that have greater capacity on the largest 12-speed sprockets.

Thus the Direto XR is compatible with the Shimano 9/10/11 / SRAM, 9/10/11/12 Campagnolo, 12 SRAM NX and 12 Shimano micro Spline speed cassettes.

-In addition, Direto XR is among the new generation of ANT + FE-C & Bluetooth interactive trainers that are compatible with any type of application, software, computer and device (smartphones and tablets) that support iOS, Android, OSX and Windows. Set your course or training program with a few clicks and start cycling immediately.
Direct XR will automatically adjust the resistance and manage your training session.


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