Tacx Boost Trainer

Code: 010-02419-01

The multifunctional front wheel support not only ensures a natural posture on the bike, but can also be used as a handle to transport the cylinder.
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-Magnetic brake.
-Resistance control. With a simple lever on the handlebar, you can control the resistance in 10 levels and up to 1050 watts.
-Realistic cycling feel.
-Soft and quiet.
-Distance and speed.
- 10-position resistance lever control method on the handlebar
- Indoor training functions
-Magnets 2 x 8 permanent ferrite magnets
-Transmission roller, 30 mm
-Does not require electricity
-Compatible axes. Rear fork width: 130 mm on road bikes and 135 mm on mountain bikes.
-Maximum power 1050 watts
-Maximum torque 17 N m
-Maximum braking force 50 N
-Steering wheel 1.6 kg (3.5 lb)
-Mass of inertia 9.2 kg (20.2 lb)


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