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  • Guided
  • Sportive** (2/4)
  • Leisure Journey
  • Road Cycling
  • 9 days
  • aprox. 100 Km / 62,14 Miles
  • Yes
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9 Days
8 Nights
7 Stages

Total Distance
465 Miles

Total climbing
33.000 ft

Total Descent
33.000 ft


National Road N2 offers some of the best road cycling in Portugal. It’s one of the most varied and best cycling routes in Europe. This 738-kilometre route traverses the length of the country, from its mountainous north in Trás-os-Montes, to the verdant valleys of the south in the Barrocal Algarve.

Portugal’s N2 road crosses four mountain ranges, 11 rivers, and 35 municipalities, with a menu of local gastronomical delights and world-famous wine to fuel your journey of rich Roman heritage.

This tour along the "Estrada Nacional 2" Road (N2) is ideal for those who want to discover Portugal, its diversity, culture, landscape, demography, gastronomy and heritage.
Known as the "Portuguese Route 66", the EN2 has become an internationally known tourism route, being the only road that crosses the country from north to south through the interior. Along its 738 km, connecting Chaves to Faro, it is possible to contemplate different landscapes, from the Douro vineyards, through the Alentejo gold plains to the Algarve. The EN2 road runs through 11 districts, 35 municipalities, 11 mountains and 13 rivers, joinning some of the most emblematic Portuguese cities, towns and villages.

You’ll experience the diversity, history and cultural heritage of an entire country when riding Portugal’s N2 route.

Discover the thermal baths and Roman bridge of Trajan in Chaves,  the 2,000-year-old Douro Valley wine making region and its Museum, vineyards and fantastic food. There’s also the Cabril Dam in Pedrógão Grande, one of Portugal’s biggest dams,  gothic churches and ancient castles.

Wildlife enthusiasts will also appreciate the chance to see endangered wildlife such as the Iberian Imperial eagle, in the gorgeous plains of Castro Verde, with its UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

You’ll also discover the kindness from local communities who live and work along the N2 as they welcome you into their world.

It’s an unforgettable journey of discovery into the heartland of Portugal and you can never see everything at once, so we see many riders returning for more on our Portugal cycle tours.


- Cycling the 3rd biggest road in the World;
- Crossing Portugal from north to south, along traditional villages;
- Outstanding diversity of landscape and touristic POI;
- Pedrogão Dam;
- The Castle of Montemor o Novo;
- Chaves, Vila Real, Peso da Régua, Lamego and Faro;



Day 1 - Arrival in Portugal and Transfer to Chaves
You can fly to any international airport in mainland Portugal, however, we recomend you to fly to the enchanting city of Porto, famous for its delicious fortified port wine. 
Upon your arrival, a member of the Biksul staff will warmly welcome you and make the transfer to Chaves, the city where this adventure begins! If you prefer, you can opt to add an extra night in Porto to explore this stunning city. We would be please to book it for you if you wish to.
After checking-in at the hotel in Chaves, a general briefing will be held and all necessary documentation will be delivered. Depending on the time of arrival, you might also have the opportunity to visit this beautiful historic city by bike.
Accommodation in Chaves.

Destiantion of the day: Chaves
Meals included: Dinner

Day 2 - Tras os Montes and the Douro  river - Chaves / Lamego- 101 km / 1900 mt - 62.5 mi / 6.300  ft of climbs

On this day we will ride through the region of Trás-os-Montes, passing through the beautiful city of Vila Real, which is also the capital of the district of Trans-os-Montes region, until we reach Peso da Régua on the banks of the Douro River.
Located next to the Douro River, this location played a major role in the production and commercialization of Port Wine, as it was from here that the casks of wine were transported in rabelo boats to Vila Nova de Gaia, where the wine aged in the cellars.

The imposing slopes of the Douro River are covered with vineyards providing breathtaking scenery. Leaving the Douro River it is time to climb to the destination of the first day, the city of Lamego, considered a historic and monumental city, as it hosts a large number of monuments, churches and emblazoned houses.

Destiantion of the day: Lamego
Meals included: Dinner

Day 3 - Viseu and the Mondego river - Lamego / Barragem da Aguieira - 125 km / 1700 mt - 75 mi / 5600 ft of climbs

The second stage begins with a long and demanding climb that takes us over 1,000 meters. Bigorne village is also the highest point on the entire route.
We will then continue on an up and down terrain, taking us to one of the most emblematic cities of Portugal, the "home" of D. Afonso Henriques, the first king of Portugal. The passage through the splendid city of Viseu is undoubtedly one of the highlights of this stage.
Then you will ride along the Dão River. In Tondela, we briefly leave the N2 and continue on the renewed Ecopista do Dão, the old historic railway line of Dão now converted into a cycle path in a scenario of unique natural beauty.
In Santa Comba Dão we return to the EN2 connecting the Aguiera dam.

Destiantion of the day: Barragem da Aguieira
Meals included: Dinner

Day 4 - The Center of Portugal and the Xist villages - Aguieira / Pedrogão - 90 km / 2000 mt - 58 mi / 6.600 ft of climbs

This will be a challenging stage in a rugged terrain right in the center of Portugal. After a mostly flat start in which we will roll on the banks of the River Mondego, in a fantastic setting. Then there is a difficult section that will take us through the municipalities of Vila Nova de Poiares and Góis, passing by some of the characteristics and peculiar Xist villages.

Destiantion of the day: Pedrógão Pequeno
Meals included: Dinner

Day 5 - The Ribatejo wetlands - Pedrogão Pequeno / Montargil - 125 km / 1.280 mt - 78 mi / 4.200 ft of climbs

Follow the Zêzere River to leave the northern and central mountains of Portugal behind and enter the flatter Alentejo landscapes.

Trace the route of the Tejo River to Montargil amongst tranquil countryside and whitewashed villages. You’ll also notice the beautiful cork trees become part of the scenery and will form an ever-present part of the landscape until the end of the N2 ride.

The first part of this stage will be cycled still in the center region on mountainous terrain and will undoubtedly be a challenging start. Constantly going up and down, we will pass through the villages of Sertã and Vila de Rei and then enter the Ribatejana region. The scenery changes radically and the hills and valleys give way to typical Ribatejo wetlands. From Abrantes to the Montargil dam the route will be rolling and pleasant.

Destiantion of the day: Montargil
Meals included: Dinner

Day 6 - From the Ribatejo to the Alentejo region - Montargil / Odivelas - 120 km / 1.500 mt - 75 mi / 4.750 ft of climbs

The change in landscape and terrain is noticeable as we ride towards the south. The Sierras, valleys and hills now give way to plains and wide agricultural fields as far as the eye can see.
We will pass through some of the most typical towns or cities in the Alentejo, which perfectly define the habits, customs, people and traditions of this land, such as Montemor-O-Novo, Alcáçovas, Torrão and Ferreira do Alentejo. The end of this stage will be in Odivelas - Ferreira do Alentejo.

Destiantion of the day: Odivelas (Ferreira do Alentejo)
Meals included: Dinner

Day 7 - The genuine Alentejo region - Odivelas / Almodôvar  - 80 km / 600 mt - 50 mi / 2030 ft of climbs

Ride endless tranquil roads, with owls, red kites, common buzzards and storks for company. After passing through the mining village of Aljustrel you’ll reach the gorgeous plains of Castro Verde, with its natural grasslands and endangered ancient bird species, including the Iberian Imperial Eagle.

Destiantion of the day: Almodôvar
Meals included: Dinner

Day 8 - From the plains of the Alentejo to the Algarve  - Almodôvar / Faro - 80 km / 1000 mt - 50 mi / 3330 ft of climbs

The last stage will go through the lower Alentejo, cross the Serra do Caldeirão, which borders the Alentejo and the Algarve regions. This last mountain, despite not having a high altitude, is quite interesting, making the road somewhat winding without being dangerous and quite fun to ride. Still 30km from the coast, in Barranco do Velho we started to see the blue of the Algarve sea making the arrival even more epic.

Destiantion of the day: Faro
Meals included: Dinner

Day 9 -  The Departure
After your breakfast, it’s time to say goodbye to the Algarve.
The transfer* by van will be made to the Faro Airport at 10h00.
*If you pretend to departure from a different Airport or with a different schedule,
please contact us

How fit do you have to be to cycle the N2?

The total length of the N2 route is 738 kilometres, with some big mountain climbs in the north. A good level of fitness will make it much more enjoyable.

Whether you’re joining for one of our bike tours in Portugal, or doing a self guided trip, we always recommend physically preparing for the challenge beforehand so you can enjoy it to the fullest over a number of days or weeks.

On the N2, you’ll have to be able to endure some steep climbs, especially in the north, so our advice is to split your N2 experience by elevation gain instead of distance. Try to spend a few more days climbing in the north, then enjoy the flatter southern region as a reward.

We are always happy to tailor-make an itinerary for a customer, based on a 5 to 12 day trip. This allows customers to cycle lower distances each day and even cycle on hybrid bikes.

E-bikes are also a great option for those that are less fit. They’re an excellent way of allowing families to all cycle together and making cycling trips more accessible. We’re delighted to help with e-bike rental if this is something a customer is interested in.

What is the N2 passport?

The N2 passport is a pocket guide that’s used to collect stamps along the N2 route.

It’s a fun way to add something extra to your journey, bringing a host of new experiences and interactions with local businesses and communities in each of the 35 municipalities crossed by the N2 road.

It was created by the Association of Municipalities of the National Road Route 2 (AMREN2) and you get your passport in the first day in Chaves to begin your extra adventure along the N2. 

More info about this route and some tips available at: https://epicroadrides.com/cycling-blog/portugal-n2-cycle-route/?utm_source=Epic+Road+Rides&utm_medium=Newsletter&utm_campaign=Article Thanks to our partners of A2Z and Epic Road Rides for this article!

What's Included

- 8 nights of accommodation on half board basis;
- Transfer from and to the airport;
- Luggage transfer between hotels;
- Briefing and travel road book;
- Bikesul App with navigation function or GPS device with pre loaded courses;
- KTM Revelator - Shimano 105;
- Saddle bag with an extra inner tube, levers, mini pump;
- Helmet;
- Bikesul exclusive water bottle offer;
- Bikesul jersey offer;
- Personal Accidents and liability Insurance;
- Nutrition and Hydration Kit;
- National Road 2 Route Passport (Stamps);

Minimum of 6 participants.

Not Included:
- Flights;
- Lunches;
- Any beverages consumed with meals that are included in the package;
- Extra equipment non-specified as included;
- Mini-bar and extra consumptions not mentioned on the program;
- Personal expenses;
- Travel Insurance;

- Side and handlebar bags;
- Extra-nights (under availability);
- Bike upgrade;


Route Map


Bike Rental

This tour includes:
KTM Revelator 3500 Shimano 105 11s (Carbon)

Available for upgrade:
KTM Revelator Alto Elite - Shimano Ultegra 11s (Carbon)

KTM Revelator Ultegra Di2 11s (Carbon)

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance:

Our tours include Personal Accidents and Liability Insurance only while riding. Nobody wants to think about all the things that could go wrong on their trip, but these things can and do happen.  We strongly recommend that you take out a policy for your travel which covers delayed baggage, medical repatriation and other areas.

Please note: Our mountain bike tour is a "living thing", being influenced by multiple factors such as weather conditions, group riding abilities and trail damage, to name a few. Your local guides are experts in guiding mountain bikers  and will be continually assessing these factors making tweaks to the itinerary where necessary to ensure that every member of the group has the best experience possible.

Safety and Responsibility

Your safety and pleasure on this event are of paramount importance to us. We take every reasonable precaution to ensure the routes we choose are safe, enjoyable, challenging but still within each rider’s ability. All routes are carefully evaluated for their safety and we avoid hazards and traffic as much as is practicably possible. We expect every rider to attend the daily briefings to familiarise themselves with each day’s route.


To check and read our terms and conditions for Tours and Cycling Holidays press here


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