#2 Bikesul Gps Rides 2019/ 2020 - Monchique

The first Gps Ride of 2020 will be in Monchique in order to start BIG the year!
Due to the orography of Monchique area, this course will be physically and technically challenging, although the adrenaline is guaranteed! 
The subscriptions is free but mandatory in order to enter in this event.
Lunch is optional and you can pay directly altough we kindly request you to inform us. If you then quit or don't want to lunch anymore please inform us on time in order to cancel it.
In the Rides  you can go on your own pace.
Riders must repsect the traffic rules at all time and always ride on the right side. The course will not be signed and no marshalls or police will be at the intersections to control the traffic.
Bikesul are not responsible for any accident or inccident during this activity.
This is a full autonomy event so you must plan your participation. On the way you will find some places that you can buy food or drinks.