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  • Road
  • Easy* (1/4)
  • Leisure Center Based
  • Road Cycling
  • 35 mi
  • Central Algarve
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Our Tailor-Made section allows you to plan and idealize your own tour. In Bikesul, we will be responsible for turning your dream tour into reality and adjust it acording to your individual preferences and schedule. This way, you can choose if you want to ride alone or ride with your group of friends. Also, you can choose between doing one of our available tours or simply doing a new one, in a diferent location. And what if you added the bike experience with other activitie, like a wine tasting experience or a boat trip along the coast? We have a partnership with companies that offer these services, benefiting from special rates.
This is not an experience, this is your experience


What's Included

- Kross Trans 7 Bike;
- Local Guide;
- Helmet;
- Water bottle Bikesul;
- Water;
- Personal Accidents and liability Insurance;

Aditional Options

- Upgrade to a Eletric Touring Bike;
- Wine tasting experience;
-  Boat Trip along the Algarve coast;
- Lunch at a local restaurant or have an outdoor picnic;


1 Person - 120€ Total
2 People - 220€ Total
3 People - 300€ Total
4 People - 375€ Total
5-8 People - 80€/person
From 9 people - 65€/person

Note: For tours outside the Albufeira region, there is a dislocation fee of 0,70€/Km.


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