About us


About us

With a team of 12 qualified professionals, Bikesul is an oficial store of the KTM Bike Industries brand.

 Our services are divided into a store (physical and online), multi-brand workshop, rentals, tours and bikefit.

In the Store we sell mountain bikes, road, city, eletric and children’s bikes and also accessories, components and cycling clothing.

In the Workshop we provide all types of maintenance service to repair your bycicle.

Regarding the Rentals, we have bycicles for all diferente uses, Road, MTB, Touring, children bicycles. Trailers and E-Bikes are also availabe.

In the Tours department we develop outdoor bicycle activities exploring the rural and the coastline of our country. In groups or individually we want to provide an alternative experience to “sun and beach” tourism. Our goal is to outline incredible bicycle routes, exploring portuguese trails and roads, always with respect for nature and love for two wheels.

Our Bikefit service is provided by experienced professionals, through Shimano’s bikefitting program, which studies the characteristics of your body so that you can choose the most suitable bike for you. This allows you to establish the harmony between the bicycle and your body, in order that you can make the best use of the equipment, safely and comfortably, to reach a better performance.


Provide high quality services both in the selling and repairing of bicycles, as well as in rentals and tours, always seeking maximum customer satisfaction.
Encourage the use of bicycles as a sustainable means of transport and a promoter of healthy life.


To be one of the leading companies in this segment in Portugal, being present in the minds of portuguese and international consumers as a symbol of quality, seriousness and trust. Encourage an increasing use of bicycles in Portugal.


Bikesul’s main values are:
-Respect for the environment


Enjoy the ride

Ricardo Rodrigues, founder of Bikesul, was born surrounded by bicycles. From an early age, he accompanied his father in the workshop, in cycling events and in the firm’s daily routine.  

During school he frequently participated in bike races while learning to fix his and some friends’ bicycles. With this deep knowledge and his great passion for bicycles that has always accompanied him, he decided in 2006 to create an association- ExtremoSul-dedicated to adventure sports.

In 2011, he ventures into the creation of Bikesul, dedicated to selling and repairing medium to high-end MTB, road and e-bikes from world-renowned brands.

Bikesul started as a small 80m2 shop and quickly grew, becoming successful among the cycling business. So in 2019 the company moved to a new 900m2 space where all services are included.

Also the company has a tours and rentals department since 2016.

Bikesul continues to grow more and more and is already considered by many as one of the best companies in the bike’s industry in Portugal.