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Ricardo Rodrigues, the founder of BikeSul, has been surrounded by two-wheelers since birth. He soon joined his father in the workshop, in cycling events, and in the firm's daily routine. During school, he frequently participated in bike races, while learning to fix his and some of his friends' bicycles. Deep knowledge and a passion for cycling sports led him to start a club - ExtremoSul, an adventure sports association. In 2011, he decided to start BikeSul, dedicated to selling and repairing medium to high-end MTB, road and e-bikes from world-renowned brands.

Given the growth in cycling tourism and Portugal's investment in it, Ricardo Rodrigues decided to start a bike rental service, along with both guided and unguided tours. The new BikeSul Bike Tours service aims mainly to offer outdoors cycling activities, exploring both the Algarve's coastline and inland, allowing for a touristic experience other than just "sun and sea", bringing satisfaction to our customers through a different and environment-friendly service.

Our Store

Created in 2011 Bikesul started as a small 80m2 bike shop. The company have been growing sustainable and created the Tours and Rentals department in 2016.
In 2019 a brand new 900m2 place became our headquarter with all our services. 
Bikesul presents today a team of 6 full-time professional persons committed to provide a wide range of services regarding cycling.
Bikesul is an official store of the KTM Bike Industries brand. You can find an extensive range of bicycles: mtb, road, city, eBike, children ... as well as accessories and parts.