Tomas Contte

Tomás Contte wins at GP Jornal de Notícias. Joaquim Silva still leader

Argentine cyclist Tomás Contte (Louletano-Loulé Concelho) today won the fourth stage of the Jornal de Notícias Grand Prix in the sprint. Joaquim Silva (Tavfer-Measindot-Mortágua) is still wearing the yellow jersey.
Tomás Contte had already won the Abimota GP and a stage of the Douro Internacional GP. César Martingil (Tuna General-Tavira-Maria Nova Hotel) and António Carvalho (Efapel) are respectively second and third.
Ricardo Vilela (W52-FC Porto) and Alejandro Marque (Tuna General-Tavira-Maria Nova Hotel), are respectively second and third overall.
Tomorrow, Saturday, the cyclists will cover 132.2 kilometers on a route that starts and ends in Valongo.