KTM expands its factory to manufacture 460,000 bicycles per year

KTM Bike has grown exponentially in recent years. It went from 66,000 manufactured bicycles to the 460,000 planned for 2022.
With its expansion came the expansion of its facilities to 2022 with the aim of reaching 460,000 bicycles manufactured per year.
The company is in Mattighofen, Austria. In 2018, they demolished their main production hall. A historic building where they have worked for the past 45 years. The e-bike boom has made it urgent to expand and modernize its facilities to continue to grow. At the time, they represented 60% of turnover. In the previous year, 66,000 bicycles had been manufactured, in 2018 they rose to 88,000 and the forecast for 2019, when they would launch their new facilities, was to reach 110,000 units. At that time, KTM employed 400 workers and centralized the assembly of its mid- and high-range bicycles at its headquarters in Austria, assembling only the low-range models abroad.
They invested 10 million euros in the new plant. What was thought to be an investment ready to sustain years of growth at KTM came to fruition in months. And all this before the pandemic arrived and with it the demand for bicycles increased. There, it was decided to build three new factories. The new goal is to produce between 1,500 and 1,600 bicycles per day.
The company now has 800 workers.
The new facilities have another important objective in addition to increasing production: sustainability. As a bicycle brand, a sustainable means of transport, KTM wants to make an effort to demonstrate that energy transition and sustainable mobility are possible. They are also developing state-of-the-art technology to optimize processes such as painting, which will start to work in an automated way.
KTM Bike is growing exponentially and making efforts to become as sustainable as possible.