cyclist Iuri Leitão

Iuri Leitão in 4th place in the champions league

 By being 9th in scratch and elimination, Iuri Leitão remains in the race for the podium of the Champions League track in endurance, finishing the 2nd round yesterday at the Panevézys velodrome, in Lithuania, being 4th classified in the general, with 44 points, now led by the Spaniard Sebastian Mora (59 points), winner of both disciplines.
Iuri Leitão started well placed on the last lap, but in the last 50 meters he would finish in 9th position, right after Corbin Strong, who started the second round in 1st position. In the elimination discipline he was eliminated on the 8th lap, which earned him 9th place.
Maria Martins maintained the 9th place overall in women's endurance with 26 points, a classification led by the British Katie Archibald (73 pts), winner of scratch and elimination.