GPS Rides

GPS Rides is back in December 1st

After a long interregnum motivated by covid-19, Bikesul brings back the famous Bikesul Gps Rides!
And we intend to return with a great day!
The aim is to bring MTB practitioners together in an informal event, with no time limits or rankings, to enjoy good trails in good company followed by a fantastic convivial lunch at Bikesul with pork on a skewer and lots of entertainment!
The route will have between 55 and 60 km of medium difficulty and the meeting point will be on December 1st at 8:30 am at the Bikesul - Guia store, and a version of the route will also be available that will be around 40km.
Lunch (optional) will cost €10 with drinks included and live music!
Band: 33LM
Registration is free but mandatory and must be done at: