Do you know that you can already buy your Bike4tourism tickets?

This first edition of the Bike4tourism event, organized by Domitur and Algarve Nature Tours, aims to mark a change in mentality in the world. Promote greater awareness of the importance of changing consumption habits, making us more sustainable, responsible and acting to preserve the environment. We want to create a manifesto that raises awareness of the importance of having cities with more cycle paths, greater respect for cyclists and, at the same time, greater respect for the environment when we travel.
Part of the event's funding goes to an environmental cause that will be selected.

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Bike 4 Tourism

For all these reasons, if you share these values ​​with us, join this event!

The advance ticket sale starts today, April 6 and ends in 15 days.
So don't miss out on this opportunity to purchase your ticket at reduced prices. tickets open today, 6 April, with promotional value– 12 € // 19 € and 40 €.

Click on this link that allows you to purchase the advance ticket:

Attention: Whoever purchases the event tickets through our link Bikesul, member of the event, will win a free gift from our store!