Delmino Pereira elected vice president of UEC

The European Union Cycling Congress, held virtually this morning with official delegates from 50 affiliated federations, elected Italian Enrico Della Casa as president for the 2021-2025 quadrennium. The president of the Portuguese Cycling Federation, Delmino Pereira, was today elected vice president of the European Cycling Union (UEC), during the institution's annual congress, which is taking place electronically, due to the international pandemic situation. José Luís Ribeiro was elected voting delegate to the Congress of the International Cyclist Union (UCI). Delmino Pereira was one of six candidates elected to accompany the Italian Enrico della Casa, the new president of UEC, on the Board (“Management Board”) of the entity that oversees cycling in Europe.

The Portuguese leader collected 38 votes, being the second most voted candidate. Only Dane Henrik Jess Jensen, with 39 votes, garnered more support than Delmino Pereira. Russian Alexander Gusyatnikov, Bulgarian Dragomir Kouzov, Slovak Katarina Jabukowa and Belarusian Natallia Tsylinskaya were also elected. The UEC Board met immediately, with the three Vice-Presidents chosen. In addition to Delmino Pereira, Henrik Jess Jensen and Alexander Gusyatnikov also assume this responsibility. “It is a source of pride to have earned the trust of Federations across Europe. I will face the new functions with a spirit of mission, trying to transfer to my position my experience as a leader of a peripheral country that never loses sight of the full integration in the global development of the sport, but also my vision as a former cyclist.

At a time when the UEC has as a priority the integral development of cycling, across Europe, with special attention to the resumption of training categories, Portugal may also have a say through the European Satellite Center of the World Cycling Center, installed in the municipality of Anadia ”, explains Delmino Pereira. In an election year for the International Cyclist Union (UCI), which will take place in September, during the Congress that takes place during the World Road Championship, the UEC today chose its 15 delegates with the right to vote in the choice of the president of the UCI . Portugal also scored points here. The vice-president of the Portuguese Cycling Federation José Luís Ribeiro was one of those elected.

Source: FPC