BMX track in Coimbra

Bruno Cardoso revalidates national BMX title in Coimbra

Bruno Cardoso (BMX VTT Limonest) won yesterday, in Coimbra, the National BMX Championship, revalidating the national title in the elite category.
Bruno Cardoso dominated the track and won the competition, thus renewing the title of elite national champion. Miguel Gaboleiro (BMX Águias de S. Gabriel Best Point) took second place and Pedro Amaral (CBP – Clube Bicross de Portimão) finished the podium in the top category.
In the women's race for athletes over 15 years old there were three participants. Rita Xufre won, followed by Matilde Melo (Linda-a-Pastora Sporting Clube) and Irina Coelho (Freebike Shop/Bike Clube S. Brás).