Bikesul Strava Challenge - Ride 50 km in March

Bikesul has a challenge for you!
The Bikesul Strava Challenge dares you to ride 50 km on a bicycle safely. 
Think you're up to the challenge?

So what do you have to do?

1. Join the Bikesul Strava club:

2. Join the Strava challenge “March Saddle Up Challenge ":

3. Upon completing this challenge, you automatically win a Bikesul gift that you will have to collect at the Bikesul store, starting on April 1st.

4. The participant who shares on Facebook or Instagram the most original photo of the challenge concluded on Strava, (with the virtual medal of the strava challenge), identifying Bikesul through the hashtag #bikesulportugal, qualifies to win a Bikesul cycling jersey. Sharing the photo is not mandatory, as it is an extra hobby.

5. The 50 km must be completed in order to comply with the contingency plan in force. Thus, the route must be carried out individually, outdoors or at home (on trainers).

Easy isn't it? In this way we are encouraging an individual, healthy and safe sport practice and we want to award you with a gift for pedalling on this adventure!

Don't wait. Grab your bike and /or roller and show that you’re capable.

Check the regulation of the competition: