Bikesul joins the Bike4tourism event

Bike4tourism- May 30, 2021 Bike4tourism is the great event of the year 2021 that will make you travel the world cycling.
The goal is to have the maximum number of participants, in all countries, to ride a bicycle and share photos of the most beautiful places near their homes. It may be the starting point for other trips.
It is a worldwide bicycle event in which anyone can participate whether they are in their own city or in any other part of the world.
Domitur and Algarve Nature Tours did not let their arms down in this pandemic and reinvented themselves.
Bikesul is a partner in this worldwide event. In addition to wanting to bring people together, putting them to pedal, this event will try to enter the Guinness record.
There are enough reasons to participate, but we give you one more: this event has 3 main causes: reforestation, plastic in the oceans and reducing waste.

The event's producers intend to promote several initiatives related to the theme.
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