Bikesul- Bike Friendly Stamp Delivery Ceremony

Bikesul was present on the 25th of January at the Bike Friendly stamp delivery ceremony at Centro Cultural de Redondo.
Over the last few months, Turismo do Alentejo has been developing a project approved by Turismo de Portugal, called “Consolidation and Promotion of Outdoor Tourist Products - Alentejo e Ribatejo | Bike Friendly Destination” with training actions aimed at accommodation units integrated in the area of ​​intervention of the Network of Cycling Centers in Alentejo and Ribatejo.
Bikesul was responsible for offering a personalized consultancy service, where technicians carried out diagnostic visits to 91 accommodation units, in order to qualify and identify opportunities for improvement in its services for cycling customers. For now, 38 Bike Friendly stamps have been delivered in this first phase and by the end of June we hope that there will be many more.
We congratulate Turismo do Alentejo and all the units visited, which with all the work developed deserve our recognition.