What's the best bike for me?

Road bikes
Tires: Smooth and thin
Cyclist posture: Forward
Terrain: Best for road

Tal como o nome indica as bicicletas de estrada destinam-se a estradas pavimentadas/ alcatroadas.
Podemos distingui-las facilmente por terem pneus finos e quadros leves para que possamos atingir maior velocidade e eficiência.   
As bicicletas de estrada são ágeis e são mais adequadas a ciclistas com experiência que querem maiores velocidades e distâncias. No entanto, qualquer ciclista que pretenda um passeio de estrada simplificado e uma experiência diferente pode optar por uma bicicleta destas.

Hybrid Bikes
Tires: Thicker than a road bike, but thinner and lighter than a mountain bike
Cyclist Posture: Vertical 
Terrain: To move on road or other roads

A hybrid bike is versatile and offers comfort
It is suitable for easy routes, but not for very bumpy trails. It is ideal for those who want to go to work, or those who want to walk and take a basket or luggage.

Mountain bikes
Tires: Wide and thick 
Cyclist Posture: Vertical
Terrain: Dirt paths and rough terrain

For those who want to use the bike in a terrain off the road and with friction, the mountain bike is the best choice. The tyres are thick, the suspension is ideal, the changes allow pedaling on the climbs and the weight of these bikes is higher, but more comfortable to ride off the road.

Electric bicycles 
Tires: Depends on the bike
Cyclist Posture: Vertical 
Terrain: Suitable for paved roads and pavement paths or with some friction.

E-bikes provide a greater boost to pedaling more easily and quickly. It is ideal for those who want to travel longer distances without a great effort, either to go to work or to walk.
These bikes are heavier and more robust and are very comfortable.