What to bring when you go out to cycle?

- Helmet, gloves and glasses 
These equipments are important for cycling as they protect you.

- Lights
Daytime running lights are essential when pedaling. Using lights is the most important, and it has the greatest impact for you to be seen by motorists. Of course, if it’s night time, you can’t forget the night lights, too.

-Punch Repair Kit
For those who cycle, a puncture can always happen. But with the right equipment and some basic knowledge, we can solve the problem. Your puncture repair kit must contain an alternate air chamber, something to fill (CO2 cartridges or mini-pump), a multi-tool, disassembly and lubricant.

-Water and food 
You should always take one or two cans of water, if you have a better isotonic, and some food for your bike ride. You can take some energy bars and gel. It is essential to be hydrated and energized.

-Hottest clothing in winter 
If there is a chance that it will rain or get colder along the way, make sure you bring some extra equipment such as a waterproof jacket.

- Sunscreen 
It is always recommended to bring sunscreen to protect from UV rays.

-Phone, cash or credit card and personal identification
We never know the unforeseen events that we may have. It is always essential to take these objects with you to help you in any emergency.

You should pack all this in your pockets, on a camelback or on the bicycle.