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Tips for washing clothes after riding a bike

-Prepare the items of clothing before washing them.
-Turn the laundry inside, close the zips and make sure the Velcro pieces are closed. Remove the mud before putting it to wash.
-Use only as much detergent as you need.
-Do not abuse the amount of detergent.
-Wash your clothes as soon as possible.
-You must wash your clothes immediately after cycling.
-Washing machine is very useful.Choose the delicate fabric option.
-Do not use fabric softener. Softeners leave residue and can damage some fabrics.
-Rinse well.
-If washing by hand, make sure there are no traces of detergent.
-Use cold water to wash.
-High temperatures can damage your cycling clothes.
-Lay out the clothes in the street.
-Do not use drying machines as they can damage the most delicate fabrics.