cycling group

Tips for group cycling

- The riders on the front of the group should slow down on the climbs. Yes, just go slower on the climbs and quicker on the flat where is a good draft.

- On a climb give more space between you and the rider in front.

- On the front you are responsible for the riders behind you. Speak loudly and point before obstacles.

- The guidelines must be communicated to all cyclists in the group.

- Use your front brake like a clutch. Apply light pressure and pedal into it instead of stop pedalling.

- Go easy on the down hills. Allow everybody to enjoy the descents.

- Ride consistently and try not to fidget-you will make the group nervous.

- Never make sudden movements.

- If you want to take photos or eat something go to the back of the group.

- If you wish to move cut of the group indicate your intention vocally and a clear hand signal.

- Never ride no-hands in a group.

-Be careful when pedaling standing up.

-Never use headphones.

- Supports other people in the group.