man riding a bike to work

Tips for cycling to work

Cycling to work only has advantages and our quality of life during the week increases a lot!
Check out our tips:

- Take with you some personal care products
If you are going to spend the day at work, you should take a backpack with some essential items. In that backpack you should include deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush and you can even take a travel perfume.
 If you have somewhere to take a shower in the office, you can take your bathroom items. Many people give up cycling to work because they're going to sweat a lot, but with these products in your backpack, it won't be a problem anymore.

- Adopt security measures
In addition to the essential use of the helmet and signaling on the bike, you should signal whenever you change direction.
Avoid listening to music on headphones to be able to be aware of all movements and noises.

 - Take a towel and extra clothes
You must wear a comfortable and suitable cycling outfit to ride and when you arrive you can wear your work clothes.
Take a change of clothing.
If you don't have a place to take a shower at work, you can just use the towel to clean yourself.

- Ride in tour mode
Choose to leave the house early to have enough time to pedal calmly and not be late or sweating too much.
The frequency and intensity of the exercise will cause sweating.

Cycling to work is an option for many people. It is a sustainable mean of transport and a good way to start and finish the day.
Stress caused by traffic  can be replaced by a bike ride to work. It's a great way to take that time to yourself, exercise and help the environment!