cyclist pedaling on a cliff

Tips for cycling on windy days

Increase speed gradually
Adapts according to wind speed and direction. You should increase it gradually so you don't strain the bike or your body too much.

Avoid side winds
You should avoid side winds because if the intensity is too high it can make you fall. Take a short break when you feel a great intensity in the wind and wait in a safe place until the wind subsides.

You should use cycling clothing and goggles
Cyclist clothing is made with the body and the weather conditions in mind.
Sweaters or baggy pants on windy days will make it difficult for you to move. Cycling clothes are tight fitting and made of perfect material.
The goggles will protect you from dust and other external factors that impair the cyclist's vision.

Respect the limits of your body
If you're too tired, take a break to recover or go home.

Adapt your routes
If possible, opt for alternative routes on days with strong winds. Choose areas with lots of trees or houses, as the open and empty streets have more air currents.

Keep a low position to gain speed
Maintains a low stance, at a 90-degree angle, with the torso projected towards the handlebars.

Group pedaling
In group your performance will be better on windy days.