MTB cyclist jumping

The most common accidents in MTB

Causes of the most common accidents in MTB 

Track irregularities
The terrain is already naturally rough and with rain and wind it can become even more dangerous. A stone out of the way, a new hole or a fallen branch is enough for the cyclist to hit the ground.

Dangerous curves
Wet ground, incorrect use of the brakes and the athlete's position are reasons for having falls in corners.

Lack of care
Some cyclists let themselves be betrayed by overconfidence or fatigue. Furthermore, risky maneuvers, excessive speed and incorrect overtaking result in accidents.

Lack of safety equipment
Helmets, gloves, lights are some of the mandatory accessories to ride safely. In MTB it becomes even more important.

How can I avoid MTB accidents?
• Pay attention and be careful
• Don't practice dangerous maneuvers
• Prepare the bike and equipment
• Have security accessories
• Stretching to prepare the body