cyclist on a downhill

Tactics to use on a downhill

- Keeps the body “floating” slightly above the saddle and the trunk as low as possible. Never support the weight on the saddle. You must lower your center of gravity further to be able to better control your bicycle;
- Feather your braking with a front wheel bias- this will help keep yo balanced and straighten your bike;
- Corner at a speed you are comfortable with;
- Be careful not to hold the brakes for too long, as this can overheat the wheels;
- Give plenty of space between you and other riders;
- The roads are quiet but don't cut corners;
- When overtaking other riders make sure the road ahead is clear and call to the other riders to give them notice of your intention;
- If the roads are wet try to brake earlier and avoid leaning in as much as you normally would. If you are riding on a calçada surface (cobbies) be additionally cautions;
- Avoid stunts;
- If you don't know the road, go down carefully.