cyclist pedaling in rain

Ride in the rain

Bikesul gives you some tips on how to ride in the rain and safely:

-Wear the right clothes:
Always have waterproof clothing and even a hood at your fingertips. Take extra pieces of clothing to change when you arrive at your destination. When you get there, change your clothes quickly and get warm. You should wear clothes with strong and reflective colors.

-Beware of sweating:
Wear clothes that help with perspiration. When it rains, it is good to cycle more slowly and make a few stops.

-Dry hands and feet:
Insulate your shoes with something waterproof and wear waterproof and windproof gloves.

On rainy days, it crashes earlier. Most rims require a complete turn to be able to expel the water from the pads and only then to start braking. Brake pads wear faster with water. So, after a ride in the rain, remember to check that.

-Plan the route:
On rainy days, traffic can get complicated. So, if possible, use an alternate route.

-Watch out for holes:
Avoid going through places where there are more puddles of water. Never ride over-flooded places. The floor can also become slippery.

The rain makes the ground smoother. So, the bike's tires need to be in good grip. Don't overfill them.

Turn on the bike lights and signal everything you're going to do.

You should use glasses with lenses that are not fogged up. Yellow or clear lenses can help improving visibility. Helmets with the longest flap help to protect the face.

Prevent dirty water from the floor from being thrown against your face and back.

Put a lot on the chain and use a reliable one that can withstand all the water that will fall on the bicycle.