cyclist resting

Post-workout recovery

Cycling is great but it is necessary for your body and mind to rest after a hard workout. Follow these tips to recover well and quickly after every workout.

• Invest in your post-workout nutrition 
You should invest in carbohydrates after training to recover your body's glycogen. Pasta and bread are a good option. Chicken contains a protein that builds muscle fibers. You must hydrate yourself a lot.

• Has a regular sleep 
You should sleep 8 hours a day and avoid caffeine before going to sleep.

• Massages 
A few hours later or in the next day, you should invest in body massage. Massage makes the blood circulation more active and allows the muscles to relax.

• Stretch 
Stretching is essential for muscles to relax and prepare to recover.

• Do a "soft" workout 
A workout just to rotate your legs makes your muscles loosen and your blood circulation improves.