bike at home

Original tips for storage the bike at home

Who likes to cycle and has a bicycle wants to have it well guarded and protected at home. Sometimes the lack of space is a problem. But it can stop being with these creative ideas. Some can even make the house more beautiful and with an original decoration. 

- Wall bracket
If you have any spare walls in your apartment, you can use a bicycle rack and enjoy decorating that corner. There are specific supports for hanging the bicycle on the wall. The tip for not soiling the wall with the wheels is to position the support properly, so that the rear wheel is slightly away from the wall.

You can have a specific piece of furniture made to measure to store your bicycle.

-Fixed or mobile pole
In order not to soil your wall, a solution is to install a post that can be fixed or movable. The fixed model is attached to the floor and ceiling, and in the mobile version there is only one support for the floor.

-On the balcony
Simply place a hook or bracket on the wall.

-In the garage of the building
This is a very practical solution, as you will not have to take the bike into the apartment.

In a villa without outside space:
-Under a ladder
Use the area under the stairs to hang your bike. It is usually a little used space in the house.

There are furniture designed to store the bike and we can still decorate it.

-Structure hanging on an external wall
It is likely that your house has an external wall, such as a corridor, hall or laundry area. The tip is to create a structure on the wall, install some hooks and hang up the bikes.