Offer of bicycles in an institution in Messines

Bikesul was present today at the USO Socio-Economic Unit in São Bartolomeu de Messines. During the visit we delivered bicycles as part of KTM's Re-cycle campaign. With this campaign, until April 30th, your old bike can be valued at 250 euros as a return on the purchase of a magnificent KTM Myroon Pro or KTM Myroon Elite.
The USO Socio-Occupational Unit plays a fundamental role, focusing efforts on the development of psychosocial rehabilitation programs for people with moderate and reduced degrees of psychosocial disability due to severe mental illness. These people, clinically stabilized, still face challenges in relational, occupational and social integration areas.
Each bicycle delivered is not only a form of mobility and promoting the well-being of users, but also an opportunity to promote social inclusion. We thank the institution of Casa do Povo de Messines for the work carried out daily and we hope that these bicycles provide many happy moments.