MTB cyclist

Most common pain in cyclists

Most cyclists experience some type of pain when cycling. Most of the time they are pains due to an incorrect adjustment of the bicycle to your body.

Neck pain: Neck pain is related to the position of the handlebars (too low and / or the distance between the handlebars and the saddle too long), or the tip of the saddle facing downwards. With these mistakes we exert a great load on the arms and shoulders, or an exaggerated flexion of the neck.

Low Back Pain: Low back pain is usually related to the lack of strength of the postural muscles in addition to a handlebar that is too low.

Pain in the wrists: Pain in the wrists or numbness in the hands are usually related to the poor distribution of the cyclist's weight on the bicycle, which can impose a lot of weight on the hands. Another very common problem is the lack of alignment of the levers in relation to the hands.

Discomfort while sitting: Discomfort while sitting is more common in novice cyclists who are not yet used to exercising weight on their hamstrings, but this discomfort tends to decrease over time. However, it is important to choose a suitable saddle.

Numbness in the feet: May be related to shoes that are too tight and the poor positioning of the sleepers.

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