child riding a bicycle

How to teach the child to ride a bicycle?

Offering a child the first bicycle is always a memorable and very happy moment. But how to teach them to ride?

Ride in a safe space
The most suitable territory to provide the best experience for the child is smooth asphalt without holes. A quiet street close to the house or a suitable bike path are places that will facilitate the practice.

Having the ideal bike
It is important to ensure a good height of the saddle and to be attentive to all details, including the child's height. Many parents choose to buy a bicycle that is too big already thinking about the future, but this could be a mistake. It is important for your child's safety to have a bicycle proportional to its size and age.

 Release and hold.Respect the child's time
It is important to offer safety support the first few times and at the same time give the child some independence to balance themselves. Support should always be offered in a way that does not hinder movement, so stay behind the tires and hold the child with your hands under the armpits. It helps to control the movements of the trunk so that she feels safe and learn to handle the bicycle.

Let them train a lot
Now that they understand how the dynamics and movements of the bicycle work, it's time to train. It is important to encourage and teach how to best use the bicycle's brake. You must give confidence to the little ones so that they can explore this world of cycling alone, but always with support.
Some falls and scratches will be part of this stage, but soon they will be cycling with confidence.