cyclist with backpack on his back pedaling in a green field

How to prepare for a long bike ride

If you decide to go on a bike trip, you have to make sure you have everything you need. Appropriate clothes, food and a bicycle overhaul done are some mandatory points.

Maintain the bike.
It is recommended to carry out periodic maintenance to check the pressure of the tires, the condition of the chains, among other things. And before a cycling trip, the review must be done so that everything is prepared.
 At Bikesul we review your bike.

Take some repair tools with you.
Although bicycle maintenance has been done before, accidents do happen. There is always the risk of having a hole or something else and if we have the right tools and accessories we can solve simple problems.

Choose suitable clothes.
 Wear clothes with thermal protection and comfortable shoes that fit perfectly on the pedals.

Use protective accessories.
Cyclists are exposed to external factors such as sun, rain, wind, cold, heat, dust, etc. Wearing a helmet is essential for you to protect yourself on the trip.
You should wear cycling goggles and gloves for added protection.

Take groceries with you.
You must stay well hydrated and eat during the tour. Take with you foods that will last a while and that don't need to be prepared.
Water, sports drinks and fruits are 3 things you can't miss.
Sandwiches, pasta and toast are examples of easy meals for your bike trip.