bike in rain

How do I protect my bike?

The bicycle accompanies us on trails and roads. But to ride safely it is important to know that we must keep it well maintained.
BikeSul leaves some tips about the maintenance, cleaning and storage of your bicycle.

 - Do a periodic cleaning
To keep it for longer it is essential to keep the bike clean. Once a week is ideal. In case of mountain bike rides on trails, places with mud, sea, rain, the bicycle must be cleaned and dried immediately.

- Uses lubricants
After drying the bike, lubricate the moving parts of your bike with oil. Do not overdo it.

- Retouch the painting
To prevent oxidation of the bicycle, paint should be used. Whenever you notice damage or scratches, you can paint to avoid damage.

 - Makes adjustments regularly
Make sure that there is no unregulated component, so that your safety is always assured.

 - Do a periodic review
 In Bikesul's workshop we have specialized technicians who maintain your bike.

- Store your bike in safe and closed places
 It is important to keep the bicycle safe. You should also keep it in a closed place so that it is protected from rain, sun and possible damage.