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Essentials to take with you when cycling on hot days

The good weather invites us to go out cycling, but in these days of high temperatures cyclists should be more careful.

Hydration backpack
It’s an extremely lightweight accessory that allows you to carry a larger volume of water compared to normal ones.

Ventilated helmet
In addition to being a mandatory equipment for your protection, the helmet also helps to protect you from the sun. A well-ventilated helmet is your ally these days.

Sunscreen is always essential for a cyclist.

Cycling Sleeves with UV protection or long sleeve jersey
On sunny days, the best alternative is to protect your arms with a cuff or long-sleeved shirt, as they help eliminate sweat and block out ultraviolet rays. You must use fresh equipment.

Light and comfortable socks
Protected feet also help with comfort while you are pedaling.

Water bottle and isotonic
Of course, staying hydrated is important! Always carry water and an isotonic for correct hydration.