Do you know what each color of your glasses lens is for?

Transparent- Dawn / Night / Cloudy / Rain - For when there is not much light.
Dark / Black- Sun / Cloudy / Snow - For when there is excessive light
Mirror lenses - Sun / Cloudy / Snow - For when there is excessive light. They reflect the sun better.
Yellow- Dawn / Night / Cloudy / Fog - Expands the field of view and transmits maximum light.
Orange- Cloudy / Rain / Fog - Increase visual accuracy
Blue- Sun / Cloudy / Snow - Environments with a lot of green
Red- Sun / Cloudy / Snow - Places with a lot of reflections such as snow or water
Pink- Foggy/Cloudy- For days with low sunlight, as they provide a clearer field of view. Gray- For all weather conditions. Colors are closer to reality.

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