illustration of how to transport a bicycle in a car

Do you know how you can transport your bicycle in passenger cars with a closed box?

Consult the GNR indications:
“The transport of bicycles, in passenger cars with a closed box, must be carried out on the roof of the vehicle or at the rear of the vehicle on a proper support, provided that it does not exceed the dimensions set out in subparagraph c) of paragraph 1 of article. 13 of the Special Traffic Authorization Regulations.
4 m of height. Length: 0.55 m to the front and 0.45 m to the rear of the vehicle, safeguarding the correct identification of the signaling and lighting devices and the registration plate, as per paragraph g) no. 3 art 56 of the Highway Code.
It should also be noted that, according to subparagraph c) of paragraph 3 of article 56 of the Highway Code, the cargo carried cannot reduce the driver's visibility.”