two cyclists pedaling along the field with sheep in the background

Do you know how to breathe correctly while cycling?

By breathing better, we will be able to delay fatigue and improve our performance on the bike.
The key to more effective breathing while riding a bike is to minimize the energy cost of expanding the ribs with each breath. You must then put a proper posture so that the 20 muscles involved suffer less.
The diaphragm is the main muscle on inspiration and if the back posture is incorrect, it will work unaided. We must exercise the other muscles (pectorals, trapezius, etc.).
You should avoid shrinking the abdominal area as you will close the space between the chest and hips, straining the diaphragm. You could create an injury to the lower back.
Keep your back straight following the movement of the handlebars and try to strengthen your back, lumbar and abdominal muscles. Keeps the chest expanding to help the diaphragm do its job.
Concentration is another important factor in cycling. Controlling our breathing will help us improve our pedaling performance.