ktm cyclist riding a bike

Cycling Myths

There is some advice on cycling that we should not listen to because it is just myths.

You should inflate the tires as much as possible
In the past, tires were used as narrow and full as possible. This was believed to decrease endurance and increase speed. But in fact, wider tires help to absorb road impacts, lowering frictional resistance. They also provide more comfort and reduce the possibility of punctures.

You need to eat a lot of carbohydrates before a big race
If you eat large amounts of carbohydrates you could be very bloated the next day as your body has not had enough time to process them.
Choose a balanced diet before the big race.

The bike's weight is the most important
 There are other important elements, such as frame size, components, aerodynamics, equipment state of repair, among others.

You shouldn't wear gloves when you cycling in winter
Riding a bicycle without gloves in winter was said to help create greater resistance to the cold. Not only is this not true, it can harm our skin and our performance. Hands should always be well protected while cycling.

 You have to train every day, with high intensity.
Training intensely, without stimulation and without adequate recovery not only has a negative impact on performance but can also harm health.

 You need to lower the handlebar for a better performance
Unless you're a professional cyclist, this extreme position can put a lot of pressure on sensitive areas of your body.