mechanic fixing the bike

Bikesul leaves you some practical tips

Bald tires puncture more easily and leave your bike unstable. The air chambers can rupture. Replace them whenever necessary and calibrate them according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Always check the alignment of the rims and the condition of the spokes. The hubs must be lubricated periodically.

Pedal wheels, cassettes / freewheels, chains and pedals must always be lubricated. Use specific lubricants.

Keep the front and rear shifts tuned for greater precision in changing gears and avoiding premature wear of parts.

Strange noises can mean a lack of lubrication or dirt.

Keep the screws close to the stem, handlebar and levers tight and check the steering box for clearance.

Don’t’ forget to take with you:

  • A spare air chamber or “patch kit”.
  • Dismounters to remove the tire;
  • Air pump (with or without pressure indicator);
  • Keys with sizes and types suitable for the components of your bicycle;
  • Chain key and spare links.