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Bike stopped for a long time: Important Maintenance Tips

It is never a good option to leave the bike stationary for a long time. But sometimes it can be unavoidable. You know you can ride at home with the help of a training roller. But what if for some reason you really can't use your bike for a while?

• Clean and lubricate the bike

Even with the bike stopped, the paint degrades and the rust accelerates. Then you should wash your bike with specific products. Dry all parts of the bike well after washing.
Lubricating the chain well is essential to prevent rust.

• Keep tires inflated

Keep tires inflated to prevent deformation. It is not necessary to use the same calibration you use when you are going to pedal. Half calibration will be enough. Keep the tires in a dark and airy place because the high temperatures and strong sunlight accelerate degradation.

Keep the bike in a horizontal position

Avoid leaving it upright for too long, to prevent air bubbles from damaging the brakes. Furthermore, in the horizontal position the suspension oils are in the correct place.

• Pay attention to the position of shifters

While the bike is stationary, the best solution is to keep the gears down. This way you will preserve the springs and cables.

Take care of the components

In the case of electric bicycles, you must pay attention to the manufacturer's recommendations to preserve the battery.
Thoroughly clean your backpack, bottle, shoes, helmet and clothing.