KTM Macina electric bike

Advantages of Owning an Electric Bike

- Although having a battery and engine, an e-bike is still a bicycle. Owning an electric bike is not synonymous of zero effort, but it brings an ease and balance between physical activity and relaxation. You can use the electrical system in steeper areas and pedal in flatter areas.
- The electric bicycle is an excellent mean of transport to go to work. It is not in vain that many more people are opting for one. You avoid traffic lines every morning, you say goodbye to gas stations and you don't have to worry about parking meters anymore.
- With an electric bike you don't need to be an experienced cyclist. If you want to go long distances without a big effort as on other bikes, this is the ideal bike for you.
- The use of the electric bicycle is a contribution to a more sustainable world. If you care about the environment this is a good way to avoid pollution.

- E-bikes have a very attractive design. If you like stylish bikes, our KTM electric bikes will sure to enchant people.

- Just load your bike while you do your own things and you'll quickly have your bike to ride.