cycling group pedaling

7 tips for beginners In cycling

Do a bike fit
It is important to perform a bike fit to know the best bike for your body.
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Use cycling equipment
The helmet is mandatory to guarantee your safety when cycling. Also buy cycling clothing and the required accessories.

Food and hydration
Avoid heavy food before cycling. Prefer a diet rich in carbohydrates. You should choose specific supplements like gels for cyclists. Drink water to keep you hydrated.

Join a training group
Pedaling in a group cycling can help you. Learn with experienced cyclists. Invite other cyclists to pedal with you.

Pedal through known places
To get started it is important that you pedal for safer places. Choose cycle roads and calm roads.

Do stretches 
Cyclists must do stretching before and after cycling.

Respect your limits
When starting cycling you must have patience. Respect your limits and don't exaggerate. Find out about cycling. Trains several times a week to progress.