5 Reasons You Should Try Cycling In The Rain

To better dominate the bike
As riding in the rain becomes more dangerous due to the slippery surface, you need to know how to brake earlier and lighter. The more you practice, the more mastery you will have.

To gain more consistency
Many people give up cycling on a rainy day. Thus, training days will be less, especially in winter where rain is quite frequent. Face the rainy day as a normal day.

 You will be psychologically motivated
Knowing that you are overcoming a challenge will make you feel proud to ride a bike in these conditions.

 To enjoy the moment
Many cyclists choose to stay indoors when it rains. The road will be emptier and you will be able to enjoy the landscapes, the noise of the rain and your own company.

You will place more value on comfort
After the adrenaline, arriving home and staying in comfort will be even better than on a sunny day.