MTB cyclist

5 Mistakes that some cyclists make

1. Cycling with an incorrect posture
- Knowing how to maintain a correct posture avoids injuries and discomfort. Our Bikefit service helps you with this topic.

2. Going beyond their limits.
- It´s normal to want to overcome barriers. But remember to respect your body and not overdo your training.

3. Neglecting food and hydration needs
-You already know that you should avoid heavy and fatty foods before training, but you may not know of the importance of keeping nourished during training. You also should always take a water bottle.

4. Don't take along repair kit with you
- You always should have some basic tools with you to repair a bicycle in case of unforeseen circumstances.

5. Be unpredictable
- When pedaling in a group, one of the most common causes of accidents is sudden movements that cannot be preditacble by the group.
The reason why it’s happens is because everyone pedal very close to each other and a change of direction without proper signage can lead to these incidents.